Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wenge V playable...

Sometimes even bad pictures say a lot. I will try to get some better pictures when I finish up. For now it can sit, settle, and get tweaked a little here and there. I still have quite a few things to do. I have to tune the pickup heights, fix the radius on the bridge, tweak out the nut, dial in the action, and fix a ding in the side from the pickup falling out of my hand (grrr....). Overall this came out pretty nice. I polished the fretboard up to 2000 grit then buffed it with a nice compound.

I haven't devided on a trussrod cover yet. I think it needs a nice chrome one but I have no idea were to get one. If anyone has a chrome V trussrod cover PM me and we can work out a deal. As a note to myself I must start chambering fullsized guitars. This one turned out ok... it is heavier than a Gibson V but not heavier than my Jackson.

Really have to get a nicer camera.

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