Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CNC work...

Pine Neck blanks. We will work on them later.

Pine slab. We start with the back. I have 5 nylon pins as locators so that after we finish the cavity I can flip it and do the front. I will use better bits for the actual bodies. For now 2 flute cheap-Os will have to do.

Body flipped and starting on the neck pocket and pickups. Procedural error lead to tear out. I need to route the pups first then the neck pocket. The CNC does things in different order than I do.

Body outline. My deck is not perfectly level and I didn't cut all the way through at the back of the body. So we load up some code to do it again. Tabs hold the body but again I missed on the back. I must level the deck properly before next weekend.

A little rough but that was a combination of cheap bit and wrong feed rates. Also pine is nasty... the whole shop smells like a dead Christmas tree.

Well the pickup routes are tight and the neck pocket has to be sanded a small amount to make the neck template fit. I was building a tele while the machine was cutting and it is still way faster than I am. I still had 2 hours left to finish the tele.

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