Monday, December 2, 2013

Seasons end

Getting some 54 strat clones built and a set of Quarterpounders (because of the .25" A5s)

Getting the control plate and pickguard fitted.

I am using stainless steel flat heads instead of philips because I want a vintage look.

I know I said I don't do repairs but I got this classical Breedlove for pennies. It had a huge crack in the top and several loose braces.

Couldn't find a baloon so I used a nitrile glove as a clamp for loose braces after working some glue under the braces.

Watching the clear dry on this one. I am going to scuff the surface tomorrow to help speed the process

Control plate for the Red Witch.

Time to assemble the Blackguard.

I have not found any lightweight .25" shaft knobs for it yet. I have got to have some somewhere...

The "tone bar" style string retainer was the last piece to cut out on the CNC. I am going to make the string cups smaller on the later models. Originally I was still going to use string ferrels but there is no point.

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