Thursday, July 10, 2014


How small can I make a control cavity? Pretty small. This one is 3.75" x 1.15". The idea is to move the input jack out of the cavity and run a 3-way and a push/pull volume knob. Of course since this is all modular we could swap it out with a bigger one. But since the rules of this build are scraps we need to make it small. Routing small things is dangerous so I used the CNC.

Mounting system is just like the rest. Slots and bolts. I will work on slicker things once the initial designs are done. I am already working on the plans for version 2 of this guitar. Building it in metal and wood has made designing it in CAD much easier.

Of course I didn't make it deep enough on the CNC so I had to use a router to make it deeper. Not real fun routing something so small. So I clamped it in the vise level with the wood jaws and used them to support the router.

Ok so flash forward past a huge gash on my thumb from drilling the mounting hole in the small aluminum bracket. Aluminum will grab a drill bit and sling your piece free. If the piece is small and is still sharp on the edges you will get hurt. After being reminded of this I started using clamps to hold the small pieces I was drilling in. Again... Safety First.

Carved the arm support and rounded the edges on control pod. Then hit them with a quick shot of shellac. Of course shellac has alcohol which makes the bloodwood color run.

The pod is tiny but big enough to be comfortable on the spacing. Also manages to serve as a nice part of the leg rest. Finally getting enough weight to the body to balance out the neck.

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