Monday, December 21, 2009

Doom bones

Drilling the tuners. I start with the 1/2" for the recess. I got a new toy from Stew Mac. It is a 10mm center mill for drilling the tuner holes. Best tool I have bought since the Dragon Rasps.

Pretty cool. You drill a 5/16" hole on top then use this bit to drill from the back side. Tuners fit tight as I only drill deep enough for the base to fit in (about 3/8"). Nice... allows me to leave more wood in the headstock as well.

So these are not the tuners... but they work well enough to test fit. I am going to use Hipshot open back tuners.

Fitted the control cavity cover... what a pain. The thing decided to warp on me. I had to heat it and clamp it flat to get it to fit.

Rough fit the nut. I won't glue it in until I finish the fret dress.

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