Tuesday, June 29, 2010

7_B rough assembly

Rough assembly. Still needs a fret dress and I need to recess the bridge a 1/16" as the action is perfect but the bridge is bottomed out.


Control cavity has enough extra room for one switch... maybe. I am still on the fence about the plates. I think I am just going to do surface mounted black plastic but I still have time to figure out something.


  1. Yet again man.,.,another jaw dropper.
    I love the headstock,Im seein a blend of Parker & BlackMachine.,.,Dont know if that was intentional but it really works well.,.,The members @ http://www.sevenstring.org/ would love this one for sure.

  2. feel free to post them a link. I went into a rant about the headstock in the PG build thread.

    The headstock design was intentional. While it was a stylistic decision it also serves 2 purposes. It is distinct and light weight.

    Since the body is so light on this I had to conserve weight in the neck.


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