Sunday, July 10, 2011

V706_1 neck frets and headplate

Working on the fretboard... 9:30 am and it is already hot today. Getting the board completely true before fretting makes leveling easy later.

Sanded and cleaned up.

Sometimes ziricote is a real pain to work on. As I was drilling out for the side dots the board after the fourteenth fret started to pop up. I caught it before it really popped and stopped drilling. Wicked in some super glue and clamped it tight. Crisis averted... or so I thought. As I got to the 24th fret markers I managed to pop a hole chunk from the board. More dust/CA and some stuck fingers later it was all fixed.

Frets in.

Neck shaping.

The heal is going to need work on the next one. I might make the indentions in the body smaller on the next V to get more area for glue. I think this one is going to be fine but I would like a bit more contact and wood.

A look at the scarf joint.

Cutting the notch for the front pickup in the neck.

And done.

Before and after with the headplate. I am not sure this was the best idea for the headplate but it was worth a shot. Might be ok after I get the tuners in.

It is too dark in here to get a good look at it.


Back inside.

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