Tuesday, July 3, 2012

S907_7 Devastation... It started well.

Well it all starts great.

Wonderful things...

And the destruction starts...AHHHHHH! I was on the other side of the shop when I heard the machine start making too much noise. I ran to shut it down...still a little late.

Wow... I am crushed. This was a one of a kind top. Now we have a discounted guitar. Turns out the X Axis motor shaft snapped on the CNC. This caused it to take a left turn through the conrtol area of my favorite top.

Rather than scrap the project I am going to fix it... It won't be perfect but it still deserves to be a guitar.

After a lot of epoxy I have filled all the holes and gaps in the fix. I could have tried to make this perfect but honestly it isn't worth my time. I will still always know it is there... burning it would solve that but I think it will still make a guitar with a nasty attitude. Nothing like a scar to make something angry.

Meanwhile I had a crazy idea on the neck.

Test fit the neck.

Another coat of epoxy to fill some other voids....

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