Monday, March 3, 2014

Winters almost end...

Where did we leave off... it has been a busy month of crazy stuff none of it guitar related.
Ok. Multiscale 7 strings on the CNC. This batch was done wrong. The new process is much simpler. But I have to waste the fretboards and work so I will finish these 2 the hard way. It was not easy or fun lining everything up so I could finish it on the CNC. It would probably be easier to have finished them by hand. However I hate routers so I am going to use the CNC.

Using a bigger cutter to help speed up the process. I am replacing the Colt soon as I can afford to.

Still have mess to clean up.

Neck #2

Looking into the top for one of these. Initial responses on Facebook were stupid (surprise) so I am not sure where I am going with this. I might skip this top all together and do something more crazy. The real issue is that this is the first full CNC 7 and if I made a mistake I hate to waste a really epic top.

Prep some body blanks now that the sun is out and the temperature is up. Even after a few passes on the jointer it is still good to square up by hand.

Not sure why I never made a headstock clamp. Using a regular clamp was bulky and it always got in the way. Added a threaded insert and a 1/4" screw. Done.

Seems to be taking forever. But I am going back and forth between shaping this neck and manning the CNC

Somebody forgot the side markers.

Starting on a new 6 string Multiscale Bass. This is a huge neck blank. Zebrawood and Bubinga.

Pickguard bevel test #1... that worked.

And the real run.

8 String Multiscale neck blank almost ready for the CNC. Sapele and Purple Heart.

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