Thursday, August 13, 2009


I guess if you still wanted to use Tru-Oil here is what I did. I put three coats on with nitrite gloves. No rag. You have to be very careful to not have any runs or drips.

Varnish drips and runs are hard to sand out as the middle of the drip stays wet. The resulting soft centered fisheye is hard to sand out.

I work in this order. Headstock face, headstock back, hang the guitar on the hanger, do the neck, sides, then the back, then the front.

Use the gloves to squeegee the surface of the body of excess oil. Once you have it smooth don't touch it again as you will leave marks. Tru-Oil doesn't flow out really well.

3 coats a day. At least an hour between depending on the weather.
After 3 coats I was using 0000 steel wool. But steel wool leaves a mess and has to be blown out and wiped down carefully.
I decided to use 600 grit wet or 2400 MicroMesh wet. It was easier to clean up.

You can fill pores in Tru-Oil by sanding with 400 grit using Tru-Oil as the agent instead of water. Let it dry a little then wipe it off cross grain.

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