Sunday, April 22, 2012

S907_Express frets and carves...

Headplates. I went with ash headplates to match the bodies. I wanted Padauk but I ran out... and looking at them now these were the right choice.

Starting on the tuner recess and holes.

Finishing up tuners.



Starting on stainless steal frets. I managed to destroy a set of flush cut side cutters and my favorite set of end nippers. Long story short my ideal angle side cutters that I turned in to flush cutters cut stainless steel fretwire like butter. They were great except they didn't fit in between the lower frets so I modified them. Now they are awesome.

Side dots

One is black now...

Another coat of black.

Rough carve. Something a little different that better suits the ash body.

Close to done.


Shaping the neck.

Test fit.

Still a lot to finish but getting close.

The other one is black.

Mahogany one piece 7 string body.

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