Tuesday, April 10, 2012

S907_Express necks fretboards and bodies

Trussrods for first 2 necks.

More fretboards slotting...

Align fretboard with .0625 stainless pins as locators.

So pencil lines on bocote are hard to see. The solution is to use blue tape on the lines to cut. And align fretboard with .0625 stainless pins as locators.

Using West Systems epoxy to put this fretboard on. I used T-88 last year but the bottle was getting low so I thought it was time to start testing my expensive epoxy investment. I mixed up way too much but I like the results so far. The epoxy in the cup cured hard and clear with no funny tints or coloring and minimal bubbles. We will see how it survives this year as this is the demo guitar for this season.

As an experiment this one gets a flat top with a carve from my past before I started doing full carves (what I call Diablo carves).

Some belly carving...

Aside from the two tone ash blank this one is starting to shape up. Since I plan to make this one black I really am not worried about the tonal variety of the blank.

Done enough for now...

Next up is CNC on #2. This one gets 2 HBs and a natural finish. I solved some toolpathing issues so we are hopefully going to get nice smooth cuts without any crazy things happening.

Start with the electronics.


Body outline...

And finished.

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