Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Schatten Updates

Schatten Update.
I have outgrown my Schatten. The underpowered motor was driving me crazy and I was tired of no reverse. So we upgraded it.
12v Johnson 9167AK Motor, 6600 RPM, 5 Pole, 12vdc
Numbers on the casing are
I bought this motor on eBay after finding a post here about it being a good replacement. I do not guarantee this motor will not fry your speed control so ask someone smarter to figure out the load. I just didn't care anymore about wrecking the winder.
I had to drill out the pulley from the other motor to .125" and press it on the new shaft. Luckily the shaft sticks out the back of the casing enough I could just stick it in the vise.
The motor used computer fine threaded chassis screws to mount and the holes lined up almost perfect. I had to clean them up a bit.

The wiring is pretty simple. I took a DPDT ON-ON switch and wired the motor leads to the middle terminal. I wired the power leads to the top lugs and crossed wires to the lower lugs. This reverses polarity… just remember to stop the motor before switching it.

I would say that it is running around 1300rpm now and it is actually enjoyable to wind 8000 winds on a SC.
Here is the video of it running.
 video VID_20130506_205502_zpsa43fc347.mp4
I also made new plates using my CNC. Basically I cut 2 circles out of .5" MDF, one is the plate and the other smaller one is the collar. I glued them together with CA thinking that later I will get them made from aluminum. One is slotted for winding blades and the other has threaded 4-40 holes for mounting normal bobbins. I have spacing for 49.2mm, 50mm, 53mm, 62mm, and some custom 7 and 8 string bobbins I make.
They need to be trued up on a lathe but they are straight enough for 1350rpm.
I then made the new guide post bracket. Same idea cut out of MDF and glued together with CA. It is considerably more stable now. I had a very nice shiny stainless rod in the top of my toolbox that I used to replace that piece of crap mild steel bar that came with it.
Sorry for the dark photo.

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