Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Updates

Wenge splinters hurt and electrical fires smell.

This is always the slow part of the build. It takes a while to get the headstocks shaped, tuners drilled, fretboards prepped and fretted, side markers in.

Headstock shaped.

Fretboard Prepped

Input jack. At an angle so it stays out of the way.

B --

Fretboard prepped

Moving along.

Fretboards fretted.

What do we do when we are waiting on the CNC to finish stuff? Experiments.

Sometimes heads are useless… so we cut them off.

First pass.

And look what I found. Void. I knew that piece of padauk was suspect that is why it has been on the shelf for 2 years.

More experimentation in ergonomics will come when I shape the body.

Bass time.

Tuners are drilled. I had to buy a 9/16" forstner bit to finish this up.

Fretboard prepped

New Colt in place and soldered some new connectors on the motor controller board where they burnt off and we are cutting again.

That was one 2 foot strip of fretwork

Several feet of wire later.

Done rough cutting the new new body

A look at the bridges and tuners.

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