Monday, August 12, 2013

Between builds


This is were I left off.

So I had some time to kill between lacquer coats on a customer guitar so I grabbed the white zero body off the hook and decided to start making a mess.

Not sure what I am up to with this paint scheme. For now lets just call it an experiment.

I have decided to not follow the Kamikaze theme but just pay respects to it. Some sort of 80s montage. Also bailing on the Kamikaze graphics and going much more American. I am planning on doing a Corsair theme with a picture of Boyington instead of the Kamikaze pilot. Should be fun.

2 Colors down.

3 Colors and my eyes are starting to hurt looking at it.

The real issue is now I think I need Black hardware for this. I already have all the chrome stuff ready. Oh well I will figure something out.

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