Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prototypes and Progress...

Working on a bolt on prototype. First pass is just junk pine body to get the idea going in the right direction. Trying to get a serious Tele vibe with this one. I think the next pass will be more of an S9 super strat though as I am not sure anyone really wants a modern single cut with tele sized pickups (except me of course... I am using dual blade hbs in this).

Everything is happy...

Then this.

Pretty sure this one was my fault. When I built the gcode I think the tabs got left out. So the body came lose and then the bit caught it. Luckily I was standing right next to it and was able to stop it before it broke the machine.

The body got dinged a bit but nothing I am worried about.

Here is what it is going to look like.

Ok lets fix the body.

Now I decided to carve the arm rest... and I hated it. So I tried something different. It is not my favorite. I would love to hear opinions. But I think I am going to just go back to a plain old flat tele body. Teles don't look right with carves.

Headstock with plate and recessed vintage tuners.

Made a less than funny mistake with these. I forgot that I use a wider tuner spacing than a tele on my headstock. I wasn't thinking and just started drilling. The Klusons are supposed to touch and look like a plate when done. Instead I ended up with a 1/16 between them. Not a functional issue but a visual one. Probably just going to drill this necks tuner holes out and put modern tuners on it. All that work...

And the half bridge.

Neck ferrules. Not a fan of these either. WD has a new neck plate that is for cutaways. I might start using one of them.

Of course I only use steel inserts and stainless steel neck screws when I do do bolt ons.

Back to regular work carving a neck.

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