Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More prototypes...

Last we left I was pretty close to finishing the first prototype in the new series I am working on. Well I was not happy with the arm rest as it was not what I originally intended. You have to take risks to win. So here goes. No CNC just a pencil and some hand tools.
Overkill. .25" Aluminum brackets.

This will be a fine use of scraps...

I had a vision for this one and it didn't go like I thought it would. Looks like a steak knife. Ironically this particular piece of aluminum and ebony was going to be a prop knife for my daughter's Halloween costume. I made her a really nice fake dagger a few years ago but it got lost. The piece of ebony was basically unusable because of the splits in it so epoxied it to a piece of aluminum with the intent of making her a new fake dagger. I decided to use it for the arm rest... not the best choice. Would have made a really slick dagger.

Still working on the mounting system. I have to order a lot of screws and inserts and such to make this really work.

Since the brackets are overkill I decided to make them lighter. This took a lot of work since I do not have a mill. Very painful hand work.

Several hours later and another attempt at a proper arm rest. This once is scraps from an old top and a nice piece of garolite.

Much closer to what I intended. Still have lots of issues to sort out.

For comparison

Shape needs a lot of work but you see what I am getting at.

Time for some clear and oil for the wood.

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