Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The boredom of finishing...

The boredom of finishing.
Laser printer died had to go back to decals for a few. Not sure why I took so many pictures but here they are...

After 3 seal coats of thin nitro on top of the cured oil it gets flattened out with some 600 grit. We are not trying to fill the grain or anything just shrink wrap the top in nitrocellulose so we can buff it and make it shine. Still needs to be really thin and feel like wood though.

Next we tape off the top with something that won't bleed and will leave a sharp line. Then a little masking tape skirt to protect from over spray.

Some shot coats on the headstock to protect the decals.

Is that color?

Why yes. Yes it is.

Is that a burst?

Why yes. Yes it is.

Lemon yellow with an amber orange burst. Subtle.

And we have a nice line

Shot coats on the back as well. I might make these satin in the end. It looks pretty good shiny though.

Decals for the wookiee and the headless

Headless still needs some cure time. It got a 4 coats of oil where the others only got 2 coats. It is not getting any nitro.

Zero is now the Corsair. I might finish this thing someday.

What a mess.

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