Monday, July 27, 2009

It never ends

Tuner drilling followed by complete "oh sh!t".
So I marked off my tuners. Attached my plate to keep the headstock level. (BTW I am doing this much earlier in the build from now on.) Picked out my 1/2" forstner so I could cut my tuner recesses first. Went in the house for a minute because real life (wife, kids, dogs) was calling. Came back out and started drilling. All the way through the headstock. Crap crap crap.... These were only supposed to be the recess for the tuners. So now I have to plug the holes and re-drill the 11/32". I am not as worried about aesthetics as I would be on a customers guitar... still sucks. I doubt anyone will be able to see it because the tuners will cover the 1/2" hole. It sucks because I know it happened. I ordered a new expensive plug cutter from Lee Valley/Woodcraft.

The headstock needs some reworking anyway. I used my 8 string template and frankly it is too large. I have the holes drilled for straight pull. Next up... cut the headstock down to fit the tuner placement, plug the holes, reduce the thickness.

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