Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Destroyer tuning

I managed to get this one up and close to running while hiding from family over the holidays. Strings, fret-job, nut, pickups, and wiring all done. Wound the pickups for this one a while ago and was glad to finally hear them. They are aggressive but have a very smooth response, no unpredictable squeaks or squawks.
Second guitar I have used these ALLPARTS locking tuners on and I am thrilled at how they work. Cheap, tight, nice ratio, and light which solves a major issue I had with most locking tuners, and they come in silver, black, gold. If you are interested in them PM me and I will let you know what I can sell them for.
I guess next up is taking it apart and painting.

Another quick front shot and a look at the back.


  1. I don't think that $50 is such a great price for tuners, but then again I know your little secret with that. ;) The question here is "Why use locking tuners when you're not using a trem?" Aside from that, have you centered in on a color yet?

  2. My cost is cheap... and in turn your cost would be cheap. I can definitely get them to customers for less than 40.

    Locking tuners reduce the number of winds on the post. Helps stabilize tuning and speed string changes. You can change strings on this guitar in 3 minutes.

    And the color is....

    Fluorescent Orange!

  3. AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!! Nasty! I'm OK with orange, but not fluorescent.

    Then again, it'd make for some fun visuals with a black light in a club. Still though - so NOT metal. Not even my beloved hair metal.


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