Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HOD work

Recessing the tuners... by hand. I am not sure this was the best idea I ever had. It turned out well enough. (better than the control plate)

A look at the end result.

One blurry and one better look at them from the back

I tightened up the radius on the humbucker route and the front of the TOM recess. The 3/8" was too big... I know you are wondering why I epoxied the posts in. I made the holes just big enough to slip the posts in without aa hammer. I was worried about splitting the Ziricote if the studs were pressed in.

Starting on the new control plate. The last one curled up on me... this one is glued to some rock stable maple. I used epoxy so I did not introduce any water. Nice and straight.

Installing the magnets.

Installing the washers in the plate

And one day later. Warped. It never ends with this guitar... jeez.

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