Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diablo madness

Finished up the dry build last night. I have some slight back bow in the neck buit the trussrod is double action and takes it out easily (1/8 turn). The fret job turned out great. The cheap diamond fret file really made the job a lot easier. I think the neck need to be thinned a bit and that might help with the back bow. It doesn't flex at all right now and feels a little stiff (heck they always do when you start)

I am going to wire it up tonight and give it a nice test run then I guess I will take it apart and get ready for finishing.


  1. You and your "one knob" fetish. With two pups, you at lest need a selector.

  2. It has a push/pull knob... that is a selector.


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