Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More HOD work...

So I didn't use my vacation as wisely as I had hoped. The cracks have been filled and sanded clean... I am waiting on the tuners. Should be here this week.

Nut is installed, frets dressed. I had to adjust the bridge recess to allow for more adjustment of the bridge placement. (not fun)

Wired up the Mini HB last night but I am thinking about making new blades for it... came out really nice 43awg 10.66K with a nasty full size Alnico8 in it. Pretty sure it will be beastly (it sounded well enough last night at low volume).

I had to redo the control plate. It bowed and contorted like a circus act. I ended up sanding the Ziricote free of the Sapele backing and gluing it to a much more stable piece of Maple. I will thickness sand it this week if I have time.

Getting close.

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