Thursday, October 7, 2010

S906 neck set

Time to get the tuners recessed and installed. So when you are recessing on the cheap drill the recess first. I use the appropriate sized forstner bit and just cut through the head plate. Then we switch to the 5/16" brad point. This time I am not drilling all the way through. I am tired of tear out on the back of the headstock... even though I come back with the mill bit and widen the hole I am going to practice not making a mess on this one.

As you can see I stopped where the tip of the brad point starts to show. I then flip the headstock and drill through from the back. Like this...

And the results...

Time to carve the back. The initial carve is done with a 5" 40grit sanding disk in a hand drill. Sapele cuts like butter so this works... on harder woods I use the big grinder.

Drill the electronics holes... Almost forgot that one. That would be a bad thing...

Lastly glue the neck in. No rocket science here. We sand the joint to create a fresh surface for gluing (a must for PVA glues). We tape off everything within 1/16" of the joint being careful not to get too close. Apply glue, temporary clamp, wipe off all the excess glue, then put the big clamps on.

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