Friday, October 15, 2010

V Finishing up

I had to recess the string-thru ferrules to match the recessed bridge. Used a veritas bull nose rotary file. I like the way it looks...

Boring finishing photos. These are the initial coats of tru-oil. Once I get a color and feel I like I will sand it all flat. I am not sure what level gloss to use on this one. The high gloss looks really good but I originally planed on a satin finish. I wasn't even planning tru-oil but I used the initial coat of thinned tru-oil to even out the color. It looked so good I decided to throw a coat or two on it. The amber tint enhances the grain. Once the finish is flat I will make a decision on final finish. I might seal it with a coat of shellac and throw a few coats of lacquer on it for good measure.

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