Sunday, May 20, 2012

S907_Express 2 close to finishing...

Decals mean we are getting close...

After gluing the fretboards on I true the edges using a flush cut router bit. Then some sandpaper mounted to the cast iron router table.

S9 Express #1 gets a name and some decals.

Finish is almost done. Nice flat black ash.

Final decals.

Trimming some headstocks. Fence is set to 20/32" or .625" or so. Then the excess is cut away with Dozuki it will become a control cavity plate.

Control plate #1. With name and model engraved.

#2 on the machine...

And done.

Fretboards for futures... And to think I pulled this Macassar out of the 2nds bin at local wood store. You would cry if I told you what it cost for these 4 boards and I can get a few control plates out of what is left.

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