Thursday, August 23, 2012

Headless Intentions

I wasn't clear enough on my intensions.

Ergonomics and Innovation.

Personal -
I own a Steinberger Spirit (basically a wood GL) and it drives me nuts. I can't afford a vintage all carbon Steinberger so I am building my own.  This is just phase one... I am building out a wood guitar using my style. Later I will look into new construction techniques, alternate materials and other silliness. The idea with this is to solve some issues I have with the Spirit and do some more innovative things.

Guitar Logistics  -

The primary reason for a headless is to build innovative 7 and 8 string ergonomic headless guitars that work for prog and metal.

Why use such high end woods on a prototype?

I have a growing pile of wood that was awesome but not big enough for the S9. That means the pieces were really small as the S9 is engineered to use less wood.

The Ziricote top is a two fold solution. I had a scrap of Peruvian Walnut for a body... Peruvian Walnut is the lightest wood in my shop. Amazingly strong and light... but building guitars with it has been challenging because if you use anything else for the neck balance is an issue. Since my neck is maple I wanted to make sure I had enough weight in the body to balance the guitar. The Ziricote solved this easy. Plus it has been haunting me since the HOD and I don't have another SG planned for a long time.

When I get the actual shapes right then I will move to next stage.

The headless guitar is as a challenge to break free of being a slave to the voodoo of archaic traditions by creating a desirable piece that is ergonomic, progressive and innovative yet still visually stunning.

So my plan is to start with evil wood.

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