Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spirit issues...

The Spirit GT-Pro deluxe is an awesome value. I would say it is one of the better built affordable guitars out there. I still have a few issues with it but do not take them as anything more than constructive criticism. This guitar with a set of good pickups and a fret dress would be a great working guitar.

Let me review my issues with the Spirit.

Weight - The thing outweighs an S9. I haven't actually weighed it but all the S9s I have built weigh less.

Thick - The thing is thick... too thick.  Feels like a club when you put it on.

Shape - The thing is square. This in itself is not a problem. However couple this with the thick body and it kills the ergos. The guitar feels abrupt when you first put your arm against it.  The angle of your wrist is correct in corelation to the top of the body but the edge cuts into the forearm.

Strap - The neck strap button is centered on the heel. This causes the guitar to pivot on the upper strap button when you are playing it, allowing the body to twist as you pick. This is annoying. When playing heavy syncopated riffs or head down bonecrushing riffs the guitar moves... this causes you to miss a beat every once and a while.

Fret Access - Believe it or not it is still hard to get to the 24th fret on it.

Control Placement - This is something I always have issues with on all Strat style guitars not built by me.  The volume knob always seems to be right in the path of a good downstroke... also putting a switch in between knobs is annoying. I will resolve this with one push/pull volume knob.

Zero fret - 1st position string bends grind against the zero fret and make noise...

Fret job - typical second rate... could easily be fixed with a fret dress.

There are other little things but these are what I will set out to correct.

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