Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Horseman discussion...

As it relates to  Introducing the Horseman

Problems to solve:

Trussrod Access - With the Hipshot headpiece this shouldn't be hard. However I am worried about the depth of the trussrod adjustment as it relates to the bottom of the headpiece and retaining proper downforce on the nut.  One way to combat this is to sink the trussrod... however I want an S9 neck profile on this and that means the trussrod has to be shallow. More to come.

Nut - Hate the zero fret. I am currently trying to plan out a way to use a regular bone nut without this thing looking stupid.

String spacing - The Hipshot headless unit is for a 42mm neck and I want  to use my standard 44.5mm width. So with a 42mm nut you can just mount the headpiece close to the zero fret and everything is great. I have to spread the strings somehow while retaining the tight feel I like in the 1st position.

Body contour - This is going to be tricky with the ziricote top. The top is thick so I can get away with a good bit of carving but it still might not be enough.  Also back contouring is going to be interesting.

Strap button placement -  I really can't just keep moving the strap button until I get it right... This is my fault for using nice wood.  However I think I have a solution using a pine mock-up.

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