Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Carve Time


I remember why I don't like carving burl. It carves too fast.

I am not a fan of straight lines ... nice carves are concave. Nice carves are not made with routers.


This is going to take a while...

What a mess

Carve roughed in. Still a lot of sanding to do.

Cutting the bobbins for the Multiscale 7s.

What a mess part 2

A sense of scale.

Bass Pickups don't look like much right now.

I had to true the edges by hand because I didn't leave it on the CNC until it was cut out.

Starting the carve with a guide route.

Zebrawood carves like a dream with a sharp scraper.

Bridge recess

This thing is huge. Yet it balanced out and doesn't feel heavy or awkward. The neck stays in a very comfortable upward position.

I guess the neck pocket is tight enough. Better than the "hold the body above the desk" picture.

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