Tuesday, June 7, 2011

D506_1 Carved

Finished the electronics cavity route.

Initial radius.

Radius for the carve.

Carve. The carve is soft and hard to see but it is there.

A look at the flame...


  1. That subtle carve is beautiful for that body shape. Elegant and aggressive at the same time.
    Any single cuts in the future plans? I'd really like to see your version of something LP inspired.
    As always, excellent stuff man!

  2. Thanks. I originally made harder curves in it but they just didn't feel right. After I softened everything it looked better.

    Ah no single cuts in the future...

    However I do need to build a LP Jr at some point.

  3. So..... were you going for a slight contouring for comfort purposes? Other than that, the idea of carving an explorer-type seems pretty odd.

  4. Yes... comfort and aesthetics. The first carve was really harsh and looked silly. This one keeps the look of a regular Destroyer but with a twist. And as a plus I get a little weight reduction.

    This is a prototype so I am still feeling out the design. I have a vision in my head and I am not sure I am there yet. I already know what to change on the next one...


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