Monday, June 6, 2011

S908_1 Neck set....

Humbucker routes finished. Rear humbucker chipped in 2 places... I will have to fix it.

Radius for the carve.

Lets get to work... always start on the arm rest (not sure why).

The upper horn takes patience. Work down to the edge not up from it.

Outside carve roughed in.

The inside horn carves are considerably more complicated. Carefully rough them in with the sander. Then proceed with curve sanders and files to rough it in closer.

In order to make them concave I use the gooseneck scraper to finish the curves up. Follow up by hand with 220 and a 220 foam sanding block.

Spend some time sanding through the grits with the palm sander.

A little mineral spirits to see where it is.

I need to see it outside I think.

Trimmed up the necck tenon.

And the accent strip.

Carving the neck.

I am leaving the heal as this one is getting blended into the body. It allows me to have more neck support but still comfortably reach the upper frets.

Tape up everything before gluing the neck in. I am using T-88 epoxy for this one.

Shaping the heal.



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