Monday, June 18, 2012

S907_Express When things go bad...

Sometimes things go bad... so I forgot to check the spacing on the tuners on the CNC drawings. Somehow (probably while drinking) the tuners got off... and the tuners get closer together as they reach the end of the headstock. After trying to sand away the mistake I decided there was no fixing it. I was pretty p*ss$d off so I put it on the shelf for a week. This is the fix I decided on.

A river runs through it... The epoxy is dyed red but with the darker backround you will not be able to see it until I polish it.

This is for another 6 string express. One piece Santos Mahogany with a Macassar Ebony board. I am trying a low angle headstock on this one (9 degrees) but I can already tell after fighting with little things I am not going to go this route. I am staying with 14 degrees.

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