Monday, March 25, 2013

Multiscale 7 on its way

The blades in these pickups took forever to get right. After a while I figured out that they fit so tight that the rough sanding edge was making them impossible to get out of the bobbin. So I buffed the edges of the blades and they slide right out…Here is what they will look like in the body.

Side dots while the fretboard is still square.

Lets get this fretboard prepped for frets.

Frets are in...Multiscales use more fretwire than a normal 7 (for obvious reasons).

Neck Carving time.

Almost there. I think I spent another 45 minutes fine tuning the profile after these photos.

Headstock profile cleaned up and tuners drilled.

Trim the tenon and a mock up before setting the neck. Since this guitar is going to be black I will spend some time sanding and dying the body before gluing the neck in.

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