Monday, March 11, 2013

The new saw...and a way not to glue veneers

Finally finished setting up the Laguna 14 SUV.

Lets see what we can cut. After cutting 3 pieces of .25 Bloodwood like butter I try a few veneers. I have the fence set pretty tight.

These look really good.

Headstock thicknessing is now easy and reliable. There is no drift.

Ecstatic about the new veneers I try something crazy. A 4 veneer back strap to the headstock.

When you rush you mess up. I have glued together bent veneers before, I have done it when they are wet… in the summer at 105 degrees F. Never in the winter. I figured it would be ok and I really needed to get something done other than setup my saw. The raw glue around the edges after 14 hours drying in the house didn't disturb me. I have done this a million times and puddles of glue always take forever to dry.

What I did not account for was the large amount of water still trapped in the veneers. I am assuming that the trapped water diluted my glue and slowed the curing process. This is the resulting disaster.

Though I am pissed about wasting all the time I am glad that the neck told me it didn't like the idea of 4 veneer backstrap. Thanks murphy. I have since remedied this with a 2 veneer backstrap that should look much better.

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