Monday, March 18, 2013

Multiscale headstock finally taking shape

S907 Express Mutiscale

Veneers for the headstock. The Laguna leaves a very clean surface.

Headstock prepped for faceplate.

Trussrod access drilling jig.

Headstock roughed in but not final thickness yet. You can see the new trussrod slot I plan on using (unless it sucks).

Bobbins for the pickups rough but ready for wire.

Roughing in the carve.

Body carves are simple on this one.

Drilling the jack cup. I am trying a different location on this one. The idea is to use an angle jack and tuck it into the strap. I used to use a strap jack years ago but I have grown very fond of strap locks in recent years. We will see how this works.

Electronics in place.

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