Monday, April 29, 2013

Another set of necks.

Short weekend to get things done.

After gluing them up it is time to true them up.

Scarf time. Doing 2 at a time here to try and make some progress.

Pinning the scarf is the best way to keep it from creeping when you clamp it. You don't want the veneer squeezing out or the headstock turning under pressure.

Clamps. I know you guys were wondering why I saved the cut off. Now you can see that I use it as a clamping caul.

So this one is glued up and now we have to true it again… I see a pattern here. After removing the excess with the bandsaw and a little time on the jointer we are really close. What I have learned is don't push it. The jointer is not your friend. It will destroy your work every chance it gets. Figured maple is always best finished up by hand. And try to keep the woops out.

Ready for trussrod route. Bloodwood fretboard for this one.

Burl top for one of these, the pictures are of the dry top. Since it is burl I am not going to wet it just for pictures. We will just have to get a wet look at it later. Trust me it kills.

Bass bodies are huge. All my tools are setup for regular guitars. I had to make some longer clamping cauls for this one. I cleaned up all the excess glue later just didn't take any pictures.

Again since Bass guitars are huge none of my tools work on them. Since this thing doesn't fit on the CNC I had to go old school on it. Attaching a template, cut as close as I can with the bandsaw, then using the dreaded router table to clean it up.

The heal still has to be trimmed down so that is why there are steps in it.

And some headstock wings to end the day.

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