Monday, April 22, 2013

S6 Bass and another S9 Multiscale.

S6 Bass

Top is cut and ready for sanding. Always take the bulk of the wood from the side away from the bookmatch when thickness sanding. This preserves the bookmatch. I will sand the bookmatch side in a light pass after it is joined.

Fretboard needs to be thickness sanded as well. Usually 6mm is about right to start on wide boards.

Adding some wings to the neck blank so it is wide enough for the neck.

Joined the top. The body is one piece Sapele so no need to do anything other than thickness sand it.

Neck blank and templates. This is a work in progress so some things may be adjusted by hand. The tabs on the neck blank are for index pins on the CNC.

It is really not as big as it looks… really.

S9 Multiscale 7

Hmmm… what the heck is he up to? I will let you know later. This is pretty random and is not part of any current builds.

Time to get some wood together. While I really enjoy putting the woods together it can be tedious going through the piles of wood on the shelf to find the right pieces. It was a very tough choice between the fretboards.

The losers.

The winner. Fretboard on the left.

Now that I have a fretboard lets try and cut this pile up without wasting anything. It usually takes me a little while to get this part done. I try to not waste a single piece. The scrap from this build was a 2"x6" block. But I will use it to make control cavity covers... so it is not really scrap at all.

With the new saw I get a top and a nice veneer for headstocks and such out of a 4/4 board. Nice to not waste anything.

I am still torn about cleaning up glue… I know Titebond doesn't really shrink but old habits die hard.

With the body blank glued up time to get going on the neck blank. The CNC machine is turing out templates in the background... it is like there are 2 of us working.

I forgot how painful it is to work with Wenge. The splinters get infected so easily and it is a very splintery wood. By Sunday my hands were sore from handling it.

Ok you guys sit and think about what you did...

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