Friday, April 19, 2013


So I was posting on Project Guitar and lost my mind... I thought it was mostly true so I am sharing it here.

  If I am ever truly happy with a guitar I built I will stop there, quit building all the time and go enjoy life. We should all build like Scott does for fun... I just always manage to suck the fun out of it by being too serious.

  Pickup building is silly. You can't really do it for fun. It is expensive to tool up, time consuming, a pain in the arse to source parts for, and the knowledge is HARD LEARNED as no one talks about building pickups. I am about 4 years into "serious" pickup building and I can tell you that building pickups from scratch is more time consuming and frustrating than building a guitar. 

There are plenty of good companies to order pickups from ;)  

Now for custom multiscale guitars... good luck with that.

  The real reason I started making pickups is to keep as much of my builds in house as I can. Next year (with some luck) I am going to start on hardware. Then I will truly be free of vendors and distributors and other peoples silly ideas on what a bridge and tuner should be.

  This all ties into the reason I started building guitars. Major manufacturers suck at it

Wow... I think I am ok now. I think I will drink a few tonight!

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