Monday, April 8, 2013

Miscellaneous Multiscale and Pickups

Mummified after the neck set. Stray epoxy is a pain to get out of a guitar.

Tape removed and started cleaning up the glue left over and getting the nut ready.

Nut shaped and set. The multiscale makes it interesting.

Here we have a set of the new 8 string blades I am developing. They have a 1/8" blade, bobbins are going to be ABS, Magnets will be either A5, A8, C8. There is no metal in the pickups other than the blades and the wire so there are no strange eddy currents.

Wooden bobbins are so fragile. While I can do them I think they are going to be a custom option only from now on.

Using a chop saw for the blades is never as fun as it seems. I build special clamps to hold the flat bar.

These are starting to look like a blade set…

This is my new 7 string pickup. It will also be available in 6 and 8 string models. The blades are a little heavier than the major manufactures 6 string versions of this design. These pictures are right after I did the test fit.

Now everyone has been made presentable. It is time for winding!

A look at what is coming. Book matched African mahogany...

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