Monday, April 15, 2013

Grinding on prep work...

Starting another T9

Black Limba body, Limba neck, Macassar Ebony fretboard. Similar to the last one but simpler as there will be no veneers.

I am not sure this top will work as it is not wide enough... and I am not going to splice it in the middle. I do have a few crazy ideas about splicing the outside edges.

Nothing better than cutting up what looked to be scrap walnut and finding this.

Wait there is. Cutting the end off a long piece of Tiger wood and finding this

The Laguna is amazing. I can rip through a 7" Indian Rosewood board in a bout 30 seconds. And the bookmatched boards only need one pass through the drum sander. Indian rosewood tops.

Plain old chevron quilted maple...

I lost track of this one somehow... I decided I need to get it finished. Here are the shots right before gluing the board to the neck.

Khaya neck with purple heart lams. This will probably be for a 8 string multiscale.

And here we have a pair of Diablo necks.

And the ziricote I am planning on using for a secret project. I had 2 pieces with some nasty little voids in them. I filled them with epoxy after this shot.

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