Thursday, July 15, 2010

First S9 7 String Prototype...done enough

Finished enough... After finishing one I like to give them a week to loosen up. I still need a setup and possibly a fret dress. There are no dead spots at all but I feel like I am cheating by not dressing the frets. During the setup I set the action as low as it will go without buzz this gives me a good idea of what hte neck will do while it is settling. If I don't have to adjust the action after a few weeks then I feel better about the stability of the neck. With most of my guitars (after a fret dress) guys tell me to raise the action because it is too low. This one feels right... but it won't go any lower.
The zebrawood and wenge make a very very stiff neck. The trussrod is basically loose. I stopped turning the second I felt the pressure change. Maybe a 1/16th of an inch turn. The guitar is tuned to A440 so we will see how it does... it remained in tune over night and did not move at all.
Enough chatter... here it is.

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