Saturday, July 24, 2010

S907 #2 Neck and top

A friend saw a gorilla in the top

Spalted Flame top without the Gorilla and the Padauk body. I came no were near the padauk with the router... I have learned my lessons. I love the look and stability of Padauk. I hate the orange dust, the tear out, and the cantankerous nature when it comes to blades.

The neck sandwich after a bandsaw cut... and a trip through the router.

The scarf decoration will not be anywhere near the volute. At least the lines are lined up... nothing worse than pulling the clamps off to find all your lines are off.

Serious mess.

And a fretboard test.

So the tape is to prevent the titebond from bleeding through. Then we sand it up because you have to freshen up the wood in order for the titebond ot work properly. Then acetone to clean it. And every clamp in the shop.


  1. I have used padauk (Palo rojo in spanish) for my last laminated neck and it's a great wood, hard, stable, good color, but that irritanting orange dust ...

  2. I have used Padauk quite a lot as I like African woods and it is wonderful once finished. I am not a fan of the tear out or that orange dust...


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