Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Project Super Destroyer

It is done. I am setting up a pro photoshoot for some of the guitars so maybe we can catch the neon a little better on the next go.


  1. As usual man FANTASTIC! Normally I'm not a fan of those shapes,.,but what youve done with em and that sick color = Winner!...I Love the transitions between the paint and maple.
    Why are you dumping the ABM bridges? They fit so well.,.imho the ONLY bridge that would look better.,.,A Hannes in black...

  2. Thanks!

    If I was selling it I would leave the ABM bridges.

    Since this is going into the personal collection I am dropping the ABM because I don't like them personally. Nothing wrong with them at all. I want to do the surface mount one piece ABM instead. I have it on another personal guitar and like it very much.

    I play this thing constantly...


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