Sunday, August 29, 2010

S906 prototype progress

Hello Mr. Tree. Nice to meet you... Have you met Mr. Bandsaw? This is a nice piece of flamed spalted Oregon big leaf maple that I got reasonable. If I saw it right I get 2 tops. So lets saw it right. The main trick is to setup the bandsaw right. I almost had it but the blade cupped a little and I lost 1/16" of the set. Still ended with 2 sets but one is only a 1/4" drop top instead of a 3/8" top I was shooting for. Oh well I will buy a better bandsaw one day until then the dumpster 14" will have to do. Oh yes the 14" Central Machines was saved from a dumpster... I ordered a new deck brace, riser, crank tensioner and it has done great things since being abandoned as scrap.

And this is what we ended up with. This is really only 2 sets I was just testing for the best configuration.

While the sapele body is waiting for its spalted top. I broke out the hand plane for this set because of the spongy spalt. I was afraid the jointer would destroy the soft stuff. Plus I recently read that Rick Toone has been using his hand planes for joints and has been enjoying the increased precision. Then I stick the top in the pipe clamps with a large aluminum plate to keep everything flat.

Top glued up and the set. I wanted to get a look at all the pieces together before moving on.

Top glued on.

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