Monday, August 2, 2010

Spent the weekend installing pickups

So it was a busy weekend. Wednesday night I started winding 2 sets of Diablo Humbuckers. Assembled them Thursday night. Potted them Friday. Installed them Saturday...

Made the PRS and the Carvin sound considerably better. As everyone knows I am not a fan of PRS or their hijinx. I have no idea why they build pickups like they do. To be such a classic guitar you would think that they would follow form (Seth Lover style) but they definitely do not. The Dragon Treble bridge pickup measured 17.2K... That is hot for any type of pickup. The magnet is turned the wrong way... having south towards neck and north towards bridge identical to the neck pickup. This requires them to flop the phase in the 5-way rotary switch... strange indeed.

I did get some sanding done on current 7 string projects and ebony bobbins made for a multiscale. Updates will come this week as I gear up for tele weekend.

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