Saturday, September 25, 2010

Carve on the uncarvable

Electronics cavity is done.

3/16" radius on the back edge. Intentionally low so I can roll the back down to it.

Setting up the top for a slight carve. This is only a 1/4" top so getting a nice carve in it is impossible. What I will do is leave it with a soft carve. I put a 3/16" radius on the top at the depth of the carve. The armrest will be slightly angled. The hole thing is going to look round and soft when I get done. I also decided against doing a reveal in the horns. Just didn't feel like it is going to look good. I will make sure I leave maple in the horn cuttaways.

First half done.

Allright forgot to get photos during the process but this is where it is now. Still needs a little tuning but looks pretty good overall.

A few more shots.

I am going to fill the knots with padauck dust and CA a little later.

Carved the back relief. Since the guitar is so thin it doesn't need to be as drastic as a regular Strat.

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