Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day off...

Time to start laying this thing out. First up bridge. I have described how to do this a lot of times so here are the pics.

Now that the 2 outside holes go all the way through flip it and do the other side.

You will notice I didn't drill the middle holes at all... I just marked them for the 5/16" brad point bit. Then I get a measuerment for the depth and drill the ferrel holes. A trick to keeping them all aligned is to use a guide line.

After drilling the holes we do a recess for the lip.

Humbucker routing.

Ok I was picture happy early and then just kinda lost track of what I was doing. Anyway... so I routed the neck pickup and cut the tenon for the HB route.

The electronics cavity layout. This is so much easier now that I have all the measurements and templates listed on a sheet of paper on my wall. Why did I not think of that before?

Time to do the radius on the back... but first a few shots of the top.

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