Sunday, April 3, 2011

D506_1 fretboard glued on

Headstock wings glued on.

After the trussrod silicone dries it is time to put the fretboard on. Using the T-88 for the second time to glue a ziricote board on. This time I spent more time protecting the side of neck from run over. After drilling and pinning the board it is every clamp in the shop to hold the board on.

Out of the clamps and remove the tape. After cleaning up the edges with the router and removing the glue residue from the tape we are ready to inspect our joint.

So far T-88 has held up to all the tests I have put it through. The only test left is time. I really like the results from this method. No warping and it is actually easier to clean up than titebond. Glue lines are nice and the strength seems to be exceptional.

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