Monday, January 10, 2011

Again with the carving...

After a little bit you can see the spots were the disk cut a bit too deep. This is more because of the way the bloodwood reacted to the disk as I usually don't get this with maple tops. It all cleaned up pretty easily though.

At this point my back started hurting (getting old) so I built a stand and clamped the body to it so I could stand straight up and use the lamp to see the carve. This brings the work to me and allows finer control of the tools.

After finishing the side carves I started to work on the butt. Since the grain runs straight it makes it difficult to drag the scraper across the body and follow the curve. You can see that I had a lot of cross grain scratches and minor tearing as I roughed in the shape. Once it was close I switched to 220 wet/dry paper with a sanding block and followed the grain to remove the scratches.

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